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9034 Dining Table with 1254 Chairs and 3012 buffet

Collection: ESF Extravaganza Collection

Stock status: Stock Product
Item Description
A unique set of furniture for the dining area. Durable wooden and metal construction combined with rich high gloss finish give this set its ultra-modern exterior while the white color of the set adds a touch of the elegance.

Marble like Table top- ceramic.

top: 8mm glass +5 mm ceramic ( YBB189802) frame & legs: powder coated metal in color U03

Seat depth 18''
Materials: Eco Leather, Fabric, Metal, Marble and Marble looking, Special Order Materials, MDF
Finishes: Mat, Shiny
Available Items  Qty in StockQty to Order Dimensions Volume m³
9034 Dining Table
(MSRP) $1,960.00
Weight: 231 lbs
1254 Chairs
(MSRP) $245.00
Weight: 21 lbs
3012 Buffet
(MSRP) $1,435.00
Weight: 227 lbs

9034 Dining Table

(MSRP) $1,960.00
Qty in Stock: 6
Qty to Order:
Width 47/59"
Depth 47"
Height 30"
Weight 231 lbs
Volume 0.888 m³

1254 Chairs

(MSRP) $245.00
Qty in Stock: 127
Qty to Order:
Width 20"
Depth 23"
Height 35"
Weight 21 lbs
Volume 0.202 m³

3012 Buffet

(MSRP) $1,435.00
Qty in Stock: 0
Qty to Order:
Width 71"
Depth 20"
Height 31"
Weight 227 lbs
Volume 0.888 m³
Inventory is updated on 12/08/2022
The inventory quantities are subject to change, please call office for more updated information
Total price: (MSRP) $2,940.00

Description Qty Ordered Arrival Date to NY port
@EGHU84178421254 Chair DC1254 outside PU SMK-14 dark grey+Fabric REF-115 light grey;Legs powder coated metal in color U03 6.00 1/7/23
@EGHU84178423012 Buffett ST3012 Cabinet: oil paint MDF(WHITE)+5mm Ceramic(YBB189802)Base:powder coated metal in color U03 5.00 1/7/23

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