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9035 Table with 1254 Chairs and 3012 buffet

Collection: Extravaganza Collection by ESF

Stock status: Stock Product
Item Description
Very contemporary dining set with steel base in matt gray lacquered and top in ceramic stone finish. Matching grey chairs and white buffet with ceramic top will be a nice addition to any dining area.

Marble looking TOP:8mm glass +5mm Ceramic
Frame&legs:powder coated metal

Chairs: outside eco leather dark grey+ Fabric light grey Legs:powder coated metal

Buffet:MDF +5mm ceramic

Seat depth 18''
Materials: Eco Leather, Fabric, Metal, Marble and Marble looking, Special Order Materials
Finishes: Mat, Shiny
Available Items  Qty in StockQty to Order Dimensions Volume m³
9035 Dining Table9035 Dining Table
(MSRP) $1,663
Weight: 315 lbs
1254 Chairs1254 Chairs
(MSRP) $228
Weight: 21 lbs
3012 Buffet3012 Buffet
(MSRP) $1,330
Weight: 227 lbs

9035 Dining Table

9035 Dining Table
(MSRP) $1,663
Qty in Stock: 32
Qty to Order:
Width 63/95"
Depth 35"
Height 30"
Weight 315 lbs
Volume 0.698 m³

1254 Chairs

1254 Chairs
(MSRP) $228
Qty in Stock: 22
Qty to Order:
Width 20"
Depth 23"
Height 35"
Weight 21 lbs
Volume 0.202 m³

3012 Buffet

3012 Buffet
(MSRP) $1,330
Qty in Stock: 10
Qty to Order:
Width 71"
Depth 20"
Height 31"
Weight 227 lbs
Volume 0.888 m³
Inventory is updated on 12/05/2023
The inventory quantities are subject to change, please call office for more updated information
Total price: (MSRP) $3,905

Description Qty Ordered Arrival Date to NY port
@TGHU94211161254 Chair DC1254 outside PU SMK-14 dark grey+Fabric REF-115 light grey;Legs powder coated metal in color U03 87.00 11/29/23

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